Download New PSYC 430 Quiz 2


Download New Liberty University PSYC 430 Quiz 2

  1. In the United States, which of the following groups is overdiagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia?
  2. Projective tests:
  3. An initial interview in a clinical setting may include an exam, to assess the client’s general
  4. A(n) measures electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of specific neurons in the brain, and it is often used to detect seizure
  5. Current guidelines for diagnosing mental disorders use to make
  6. Which of the following statements is true about the Rorschach Inkblot Test?
  7. Mark takes a test to measure his general level After taking the test, Mark realizes that the test contains questions only on the physical symptoms of anxiety and no questions on the cognitive symptoms, which are equally important aspects of the phenomenon of anxiety. In this case, the test mostly lacks
  8. Which of the following is a quick way for a clinician to determine a client’s symptoms?
  9. The first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was published in
  10. Which psychologist rattled the mental health community when he and several of his colleagues admitted themselves to various psychiatric facilities as “pseudopatients”?
  11. An enhancement of X-ray procedures that construct three-dimensional computerized images of the major structures of the brain is called a
  12. Which of the following is a limitation of computerized tomography?
  13. Which of the following can be used to show differences in activity in specific areas of the brain?
  14. Luther realized that the more he engaged in outdoor activities, the less time he spent playing videos This is an example of a correlation.
  15. Which of the following is true about Research Domain Criteria (RDoC)?
  16. When conducting research using an integrationist approach to abnormality, researchers must
  17. James found a strong relationship between stress and depression in his correlational study. However, he suspects that another variable was responsible for the This is example problem.
  18. Lee participated in a study that involved the treatment of obsessive-compulsive The researchers assessed Lee with others who were participating in the study. However, he received the treatment several weeks later, once the study was complete. Lee most likely was part of a(n)
  19. A hypothesis that states that there is no relationship between the phenomena being studied relative to the population are called a
  20. A multimethod approach in research means that:
  21. Wayne and his associates developed a new therapy for anxiety. In their research, they had participants who met the criteria for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Group 1 received no treatment while Group 2 received the newly developed treatment for GAD. In this example, Dr. Wayne and his associates most likely used a group.
  22. Robert is gathering data for his graduate research project. He targets psychology students as his He randomly selects several psychology classes to which to administer his questionnaire. Which of the following is true about Robert’s participants?
  23. Darin participated as a subject in a double-blind experimental In this study:
  24. If participants in the experimental group and control group differ significantly, this may directly threaten the validity of the
  25. As part of Seligman and colleagues’ animal study, it was discovered that the dogs in the experimental group were unable to recognize opportunities for control The researchers labeled this set

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