Download Guided PSYC 430 Quiz 3


Download Guided Liberty University PSYC 430 Quiz 3

  1. Which of the following disorders is most common among adults over age 65?
  2. What distinguishes phobia from a social anxiety disorder?
  3. In Latino cultures, chronic anxiety-like symptoms are referred to as
  4.            may cause memories of the traumatic event to be planted more firmly in memory.
  5. In Japan, the term describes an intense fear of interpersonal relations and is characterized by shame about and persistent fear of causing others offense, embarrassment, or even harm through one’s inadequacies.
  6. Bradley was 12 years old when lightning struck his home. Now, he becomes very anxious every time the sky darkens. If a storm begins, he exhibits panic symptoms and frantically searches for an area in the house where he feels safe. Bradley is most likely suffering from
  7. Sally believes that the bodily symptoms she experiences during a panic attack have harmful consequences. This is known as
  8. According to Freudian theory, phobias develop when:
  9. Freud’s theory of phobias is detailed in a 150-page case history of a little boy named Hans. Freud explained Hans’s phobia with which of the following processes?
  10. People diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD):
  11. Which of the following statements has neuroimaging shown to be true?
  12. People in Latino cultures report a syndrome known as, which might include trembling, heart palpitations, a sense of heat in the chest rising into the head, difficulty moving limbs, loss of consciousness, memory loss, paresthesia, chest tightness, dyspnea, dizziness, and faintness.
  13. Which of the following is a reason an individual may develop dissociative identity disorder?
  14. Miguel has spent years concerned about his health even though he has no symptoms or pain. Several years ago, he read an article on tumors and became preoccupied with thoughts about getting a tumor. He rarely seeks medical help and avoids doctors and hospitals. Miguel is most likely experiencing a(n)
  15. Which of the following is the most common alter found in people with dissociative identity disorder?
  16. Which of the following statements is true regarding somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder?
  17. Dissociative identity disorder was formerly known as
  18. DSM-5 has added the words to the DID criterion A. This makes the criteria more applicable to diverse cultural groups and identifies a common presentation of DID in non-Western cultures as well as subgroups in Western cultures.
  19. Ananya has dementia. It is becoming increasingly difficult for her to remember her past. Sometimes she forgets her children’s names. Ananya’s amnesia would be categorized as
  20. Some researchers are concerned that the criteria for diagnosing somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder lump too many different syndromes together, and risk mislabeling as mental illness.
  21. The disorders are a group of disorders in which people experience significant physical symptoms for which there is no apparent organic cause.
  22. A person diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder may have several alters. An alter is a(n):
  23. Which of the following is true of organic amnesia?
  24. More recent treatments for somatic symptom disorder include developing mindfulness and acceptance skills, acceptance and commitment therapy, and
  25. Which of the following disorders may appear similar in their presentation?

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