Get Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 1


Get Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 1

  1. Primary sources are important because it is the____ published account.
  2. A volume of a Scholarly Journal represents:
  3. After the idea has been formed you then do which:
  4. Which of these ways is a recommended way to find a research topic? (select all that apply)
  5. The first phase of research is called:
  6. Which of these do NOT belong in a review of existing work?
  7. Why is reviewing existing work so necessary before beginning your research?
  8. Being aware of the debates in the field is important because (select all that apply):
  9. An example of Secondary Research is:
  10. Abstracts can be helpful because:
  11. Scholarly research is done for what reason?
  12. Postpositivists believe:
  13. How is research shared with others?
  14. A transformative worldview holds that research inquiry needs to be:
  15. What is the study of knowledge itself known as?
  16. When following a priori reasoning, we tend to:
  17. Under the Constructivist Worldview, questions are ____ and ____ to find the meaning of a situation.
  18. Qualitative researchers strive toward the goals of:
  19. Pragmatism is a worldview that arises out of:
  20. A paradigm is a set of ______ governing how we interact and interpret the world.

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