Download Guided SCOM 110 Quizzes


Download Guided SCOM 110 Quizzes

Quiz 1

  1. The largest category of “trade” books sold by publishers over the last few years is:
  2. During the second half of the nineteenth century, an inexpensive paperback publication increased in popularity and appealed to a broad audience, including working-class people. What was this format called in the United States?
  3. A large book that displays intricate artwork on the cover and is more expensive than a mass-market paperback is called a:
  4. Sites like Amazon are responsible for popularizing e-commerce as a spending
  5. A popular movie based on a book can increase sales of the book, even if the book was first published several years earlier.
  6. The independent bookstores that survived the Amazon and e-book waves have exhibited declining sales during the past few years.
  7. In the nineteenth century, “new journalism” concentrated more on news and less on editorials and essay
  8. The concept that the truth and the best ideas will win out in the competition is called the:
  9. Which of the following resulted from the Penny Press?
  10. Seditious speech is defined as any written or spoken statement that undermines the power and authority of a
  11. One of the elements of the social responsibility model of journalistic practice is
  12. William Randolph Hearst created an approach to journalism that was based on ethics and social
  13. If The New York Times prints an article accusing New Jersey governor Chris Christie of taking campaign contributions from wealthy citizens with ties to organized crime, and Christie’s public relations staff states that these claims are completely unfounded, they might file a complaint against the newspaper to get the story
  14. Rotating drum presses could print on both sides of continuous rolls of paper, consequently speeding up the printing process.
  15. Magazines that thrived before 1794 were widely read because they were given a generous postal rate to reduce distribution costs.
  16. Magazines and trade journals that focus on conservative or liberal political viewpoints are most likely to meet the needs of
  17. The number of people who see a single copy of a magazine is called:
  18. Muckraking journalism, aimed at investigating and exposing corruption and scandal, is a reason magazines began to overtake newspaper readership.
  19. Intellectual property rules enable publishers and authors to collect royalties from reproductions of their creative
  20. To remain competitive, magazines must accommodate the needs and wants of


Quiz 2

  1. Frank Sinatra led pop music into the 1950s and helped revive record
  2. Despite the increased popularity of music streaming, CD sales are still increasing.
  3. Debuting in 1981, a major influence on which records became popular and even what was played on radio stations was the:
  4. What type of music was most popular from 1930 through the 1940s?
  5. Some recording artists do not like sites that permit the illegal downloading of music because
  6. In 2003, the Digital Media Association and the Recording Industry Association of America agreed to a proposal to collect royalty fees for music played.
  7. A nickelodeon is a phonograph or player piano operated by inserting a
  8. Which of the following is NOT a key component of a recording industry organization?
  9. The practice of record labels bribing disc jockeys (DJs) to play their records is known as:
  10. Most recorded music is protected by legally enforceable copyright regulations that give the musician or record company the ability to :
  11. Podcasts are audio programs that.
  12. Disc jockeys (DJs) played records aimed at local audiences in a format similar to a
  13. is the rental or licensing of media
  14. What was one of the defining revenue models used in early radio broadcasting?
  15. Guglielmo Marconi proposed a plan of development that would make radio a household utility, similar to the piano or
  16. David Sarnoff was one of the key players in the invention and
  17. The legislation which first licensed radio transmitters was the:
  18. Frank Conrad created a wireless telegraph that used radio waves to carry messages in Morse
  19. At network radio stations, most jobs have been consolidated on a regional
  20. Controversial radio hosts like Howard Stern are migrating to Sirius and other satellite radio networks because 

Quiz 3

  1. By the 1960s the Golden Age of television ended as the high quality of original material being produced drastically declined. What did critics (including the Federal Communications Commission) claim caused the end of this period?
  2. The 1940s and 1950s are considered the “Golden Age” of television due to high-quality programming and lack of syndication. Which of these prestigious genres became prominent in these early days of radio broadcasting but nearly disappeared in subsequent decades?
  3. The television program Roots was responsible for launching the mini-series genre in the
  4. Which of the following statements is most true of local TV news programs?
  5. The creation of interactive television programs was created by Time Warner in the
  6. What kind of programming has proliferated as conventional prime-time entertainment formulas became more and more expensive to produce?
  7. Situational comedies tend to cost more than other types of television programs to
  8. Satellite television companies began to offer direct broadcast services in the 1990s that challenged cable’s control of the television
  9. In the 1980s and 1990s, cable networks and television networks constantly battled to attract new What ultimately ended this type of conflict?
  10. What does “O&O” mean?
  11. The UHF television band carries signals from most major television
  12. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is largely funded through.
  13. What is the status of the Fairness Doctrine right now?
  14. Black Entertainment Television and ESPN’s specialized content programming are examples.
  15. PBS now follows a centralized programming decision-making model, not unlike the commercial
  16. Cable television distributes the television signal through a series of above-ground towers similar to those used by telephone
  17. People Meter ratings ask individuals to keep a diary of how many times they watched a certain program in one month.
  18. The 1952 FCC rules were responsible for greatly expanding the number of the available broadcasts
  19. Which of these networks pioneered the now-common practice of offering a la carte subscriptions to a single channel?
  20. The Financial Interest in Syndication Rules were designed to make it possible for television companies to syndicate the programs they created without federal

Quiz 4

  1. Must carry is the policy that requires cable companies to carry local broadcast
  2. In the 1970s, Time Warner experimented and succeeded in developing the first interactive cable system called Qube.
  3. Situational comedies, or sitcoms, tend to cost more to produce than drama and variety
  4. The Roots miniseries was one of the top-rated TV shows of all time and pioneered a new genre, the
  5. The FCC’s temporary freeze on new television stations instituted between 1948 and 1952 contributed to NBC, ABC, and CBS becoming the Big Three dominant broadcast networks.
  6. PBS now follows a centralized programming decision-making model, similar to commercial
  7. Government regulation has not played a significant role in the evolution of
  8. In the 1980s and 1990s, cable networks and broadcast television networks constantly battled to attract new What ultimately ended this type of conflict?
  9. The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 established the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to finance programming from federal tax
  10. Niche channels dedicated to particular interests or groups of viewers, such as ESPNEWS and E! Entertainment Television, are examples of:
  11. Cookies are small files used to protect computer websites from malware and other attacks.
  12. China bans online criticism of its government and pro-Tibetan websites by blocking dissident Web pages and monitoring public Internet cafés.
  13. According to Metcalfe’s Law, the value of the Internet increases rapidly with the number of users.
  14. What law requires libraries and schools to filter out inappropriate content on their computers?
  15. How did the Swiss computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee contribute to the birth of the Internet?
  16. The operation of the Net was turned over to commercial providers in 1995, promoting a cultural and economic phenomenon, which became known as the:
  17. Wide area networks (WANs) connect computers that are miles
  18. Central processing units (CPUs) in computers are largely responsible for processing the data for personal computers.
  19. Originally called ARPANET, and funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Internet was developed to continue weapons research at laboratories including in the event of a nuclear
  20. The software programs used by criminals to record keystrokes, including passwords and credit card numbers, are called:

Quiz 5

  1. Phineas Barnum, owner of the circus known as “The Greatest Show on Earth,” was considered a master press agent and publicist of the nineteenth century.
  2. is a common PR activity targeting legislators to influence the content or course of legislation or institutional practices.
  3. According to Edward Bernays’ model of public relations, the three main components are persuading people, informing people, and.
  4. PR professionals use webcasts to stream press conferences and other public events over the Internet to reach audiences who cannot attend the event in
  5. One major criticism of current public relations is that it.
  6. By the late 19th century, industrialists quickly learned the value of combating hostility and courting public favor through professional public
  7. Events presented online to be watched as they are happening, which PR practitioners might use to share press conferences or speeches to journalists and audiences unable to make the event in person, are called:
  8. Propaganda is best defined as the aggregate view of the general
  9. The National Assembly of France created the first government-run propaganda ministry in
  10. A successful PR viral campaign can result in a snowball effect, where a small issue builds as users help spread the message to the target
  11. Which of the following is used as a basis for advertisers’ demographic segmentation of audiences?
  12. How did World War I impact the advertising industry?
  13. Display ads appearing in social media such as Facebook are a fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar business, with revenues that rival those of broadcast television networks.
  14. The “era of creativity” in advertising is defined by an emphasis on.
  15. Integrated marketing communication tends to use only digital media for
  16. Handbills provided the earliest form of advertising in Europe in the 1400s.
  17. Which of these advertisements appeared earliest in the United States?
  18. What is the primary target group for most advertisers of consumer products?
  19. Permission marketing techniques.
  20. Which of the following is a weakness of Internet advertising?


Quiz 6

  1. The video conferencing system was one of the earliest examples of the incorporation of visual displays into telephone-based
  2. use light instead of electricity to transmit
  3. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 tightened federal regulations over telecommunications companies.
  4. Marconi’s wireless telegraph was a direct influence on the development of the cellular
  5. Fiber-optic systems use light instead of electricity to transmit
  6.                  services use information about the location of mobile phone users to tailor
  7. M-commerce refers to electronic shopping conducted over smartphones and
  8. cell phones were the first to cross a telephone and a handheld computer with a built-in Web browser and an e-mail service.
  9. The legislation that enabled law enforcement officials to receive special access ports to digital networks in the telephone central offices was called the:
  10. Common carriers provide service to all on an equal
  11. Media effects can be defined as changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior resulting from
  12. The theory that explains media consumption in terms of its expected outcomes is called:
  13. Uses and gratifications are the theory that media are actively selected to satisfy various
  14. Which of these scenarios provides the best example of a problem uses and gratifications theory would address?
  15. Uses and gratifications theory is most concerned with.
  16. Which one of these examples would fit within the catharsis model of media effects?
  17. It has been conclusively proven in recent years that violent video games do not affect on
  18. A dependent variable can be defined as the element of a study or experiment that causes various types of media
  19. The content analysis creates detailed profiles of media content and identifies trends in content over time.
  20. The theory holds that the effects of the mass media on individuals are slight.

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