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Buy Best Liberty University SOCI 200 Exam 1

  1. Marx’s economic and historical theory most closely resembles his sociological theory:
  2. Social imagination is a purely personal activity done by sociologists.
  3. Harriet Martineau was interested in select facets of human society and, thus, she only investigated the sociological topics of domestic life and education.
  4. Who did Marx believe to be the dominant force in culture because of the high value the government placed on its economic interests?
  5. According to the textbook, Ashley Mayhew concludes that her disability does not prevent her from showing others who are struggling that she cares.
  6. In his theoretical work, Durkheim asserted that, first and foremost, society is ________.
  7. According to the Sociology is Rude textbook, students are recommended to do what three things?
  8. The foundation theory of sociology that suggests society is the result of individuals interacting with each other and debating meaning is called ________ _________.
  9. ________ focus on broader, overarching social patterns to investigate.
  10. Who coined the term, “Sociology?”
  11. By challenging or rechecking scientific research studies, scientists:
  12. Scientific cynicism is one of the main goals of the scientific method.
  13. Karl Marx died a stateless person, an individual without national citizenship from any country, because of his radical beliefs.
  14. In the first step of sociological investigation, sociologists:
  15. For sociologists, activism is commendable as long as interested in solid sociological knowledge and not just fashionable social opinion.
  16. ________ relates to where primary authority is given to direct revelation/callings from God in people’s lives.
  17. ________ focus on investigating members in a group at a more personal, individual level.
  18. The foundational theory of sociology that suggests that society is a complex system with each person performing a vital needed function is called the _________ __________.
  19. Sociological research is conducted:
  20. The phenomenological perspective suggests that reality and truth are very individualistic and outside the realm of objective verification.
  21. The second of Comte’s three stages of development in society, the ________ is a sociological period that focused on social and philosophical challenges and investigations, as well as humanist proclamations in Europe.
  22. The third of Comte’s three stages of development in society, the ________ is a sociological period that focused on scientific advancement and answers to social problems.
  23. Social construction suggests that all social understandings, meanings, and values rest in the value of the communal agreement.
  24. Approaching sociology from the above requires:
  25. According to Weber in the textbook, ________ are where the goal is not necessarily rational, but the means are logical.
  26. One of the most influential African American political activists, ________ was a prolific writer, scholar, former slave, and educator in post-Civil War America.
  27. Weber asserted that sociology, as a scientific study, should embrace axiological neutrality, making sociology a value-free endeavor.
  28. ________ centers on ecclesiastical hierarchy and institutions.
  29. The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to applied sociology in the field or the lab is that it is all about ________ ________.
  30. The American Sociological Association requires sociologists conducting investigations and experiments to:
  31. The social sciences mostly depend upon surveys, participant observation, and experiments to investigate social forces.
  32. Beneficial sociological study approaches social phenomena from a smug position that disregards the historical context(s) that has come before it.
  33. Grounded theory is a subjective approach from which ideas emerge from the top down.
  34. According to the textbook, God is the great __________.
  35. Theories are sets of statements that seeks to explain social problems, actions, attitudes, or behaviors but only in big communities.
  36. ________ work their way back through history to reveal cultural flaws or inconsistencies, rationalizing the notion that society is moving toward a dystopian future.
  37. In the second step of sociological investigation, sociologists:
  38. ________ focuses on nondenominational, noninstitutional, unofficial religious beliefs (including the family or small groups).
  39. A clinical sociologist seeks to yield practical (and sometimes political) applications for the greater society, working with and for government commissions, anti-gang programs, anti-drug and alcohol programs, poverty-relief charities, and so on.
  40. Qualitative research is more numbers-based or broadly demographic.
  41. The word, Sociology, literally is a combination of the words:
  42. ________ _________ occurs when conscientious social scientists strive for personal neutrality by allowing the facts to speak for themselves.
  43. ________ proclaims that nothing can be known for certain, nor are there any metanarratives (grand, overarching social interpretations or conclusions).
  44. According to Witt (2009), ________ ________ is “an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society.”
  45. Sociology is a subdiscipline of the __________ __________.
  46. A construct is:
  47. Nicknamed the “Mother of Social Work,” this woman was a feminist, sociologist, political activist, reformer, and social worker who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.
  48. A ________ is a set of statements that seeks to explain social problems, actions, attitudes, or behaviors in big and small communities; it is a speculation and not a fact until conclusively proven with statistical data.
  49. Data must be both valid – demonstrating consistency in measurement and repeatable results – and reliable – actually measuring what the project intended to measure.
  50. According to the textbook, Christopher Hitchens believes that miraculous, biblical events never happened because they violate natural law and collective scientific thought.

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