Get Best SOWK 431 Exam 1


Get Best Liberty University SOWK 431 Exam 1

SOWK 431 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. Most major diagnoses also contain subtypes or specifiers for added diagnostic clarity.
  2. Behavioral models that focus on the development of coping skills, especially in the domains of social skills and pleasant daily activities called ________________.
  3. The four chief sectors for mental health care are:
  4. ADHD is more prominent among boys.
  5. Psychostimulants have a long history of being prescribed for _________.
  6. About 10% of youths with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may have Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder.
  7. It is not important to validate a client when they are talking about their suffering and pain.
  8. What is the first guideline for the social worker to develop when working with clients?
  9. Which question would NOT be effective in evaluating a suicide risk?
  10. What disorders are the most comorbid with Bipolar I Disorder?
  11. Brain imaging studies indicate that Autism Spectrum Disorder is associated with an enlarged overall brain size.
  12. Medication and therapy combined are the best treatment for mental health disorders.
  13. It is important to ask about a family history of any mental health diagnosis.
  14. When an individual experiences mania, what symptoms would they present with?
  15. Federal law does not mandate the provision of an Individualized Treatment Plan (IEP) for all children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  16. Jill presented to a social worker with symptoms of talking fast, not being able to sleep, having lots of energy, and jumping from one topic to another. She said that she deals with this for about a week and then will get very depressed for another week. Jill described being impulsive with spending her money. What diagnosis would you most likely give her with her presenting symptoms?
  17. Which is true about the main difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II?
  18. Males tend to be more severely affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder more than boys, because of a greater likelihood of intellectual disability.
  19. Autism spectrum disorder is a genetic, neurobiological disorder.
  20. The ADHD diagnosis was once largely restricted to children and adolescents, but it is now known that the condition can persist into adulthood.
  21. The inattentive subtype of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder manifests a failure to:
  22. Good physical health is a protective mechanism for many disorders.
  23. The major influence of antidepressants may often be due to placebo or people’s expectation that they will get better.
  24. Manic episodes may be characterized by which of the following,
  25. Currently, one-third of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ultimately achieve some level of independence and self-sufficiency in adulthood.
  26. It is important to assess for any use of substance abuse when assessing Bipolar Disorder.
  27. A chronic pattern of inattention or hyperactive/impulsive behavior (or both) that is more severe than what is typically observed in peers is ___________________________.
  28. Why is it important for social workers to be knowledgeable about the DSM diagnosis?
  29. A particular type of social network involving church or religious participation has been associated with positive physical and mental health.
  30. John described having symptoms of feeling sad, feeling hopeless, isolating himself from others, decreased appetite, and difficulty sleeping at night. These symptoms have been lasting for over three months. What diagnosis would he most likely have?
  31. During the assessment, it is important to evaluate the treatment history, personal history, suicide risk, family history, and __________________________.
  32. It is important to have cultural awareness when working with clients and making an assessment.
  33. A social worker should focus on the weaknesses of a client, rather than the strengths when doing an assessment.
  34. Children who are the youngest in their classes are identified by their teachers as having more ADHD symptoms which often results in misdiagnosis of ADHD.
  35. Autism spectrum disorder is experienced with different levels of severity.
  36. The ____________ emphasis expands one’s focus beyond the individual to a recognition of systemic factors that can both create and ameliorate problems.
  37. Which of these does not demonstrate a risk for depression?
  38. A process by which a social worker or other human services professional systematically examines the quality of a client’s mental functioning is ____________.
  39. What intervention treatments are often used for ADHD?
  40. What area of functioning could affect the diagnosis of a mental health disorder?
  41. A review of school records is not important for assessing Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.
  42. Family and social support, such as a church, can help a client with being resilient with mental health disorders.
  43. A depressive episode is a period in which a person’s mood is elevated and expansive to such a degree that he or she experiences serious functional impairment in all areas of life.
  44. A family history indicates a higher chance of bipolar disorder.
  45. Which area of client functioning is NOT included in a mental status examination?
  46. Low social economic status (SES) is not a factor associated with a later diagnosis of autism.
  47. Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by impairments in social relatednesses, such as:
  48. Sue has been referred by a teacher at the school. It was described that she was having trouble concentrating, sitting still, difficulty paying attention, and staying on task. Her parents have noticed the same problems when she attends Sunday School at church. What diagnosis would she most likely have?
  49. A mood disorder in which a person experiences one or more manic episodes that usually alternate with episodes of major depression is called __________________________.
  50. What are the strengths and resources for community involvement?
  51. George was referred to a social worker for a diagnosis of  ADHD. He is six years old and attends the First grade. What information would be helpful to assess George?
  52. Which areas of an assessment would NOT be beneficial?
  53. Insurance companies usually require a formal DSM diagnosis for client reimbursement.
  54. Lead exposure increases the risk for ADHD.
  55. Social and environmental problems that are a focus of clinical attention may also be included as part of the diagnosis.
  56. Having a strong Christian faith can help a client that is having suicidal thoughts.
  57. About 50% of cases have the onset of a mental disorder by age 14.
  58. What is rumination?
  59. _____________ are the chemicals that convey communication between neurons.
  60. People always receive timely treatment for mental disorders.
  61. Minorities are underserved when it comes to mental health treatment.
  62. What is not listed in the assessment guidelines for Bipolar Disorder?
  63. Complications during pregnancy and delivery do not place an individual at risk for mental disorders.
  64. Most major diagnoses contain subtypes or specifiers called mild, moderate, and severe.
  65. Social workers are employed in very limited settings.
  66. Stigmas are often attached to a diagnostic label, and the social worker needs to help the client with this.
  67. The initial stage of intervention for persons who are depressed is to assess for suicidal risk, which is associated with the following factors:
  68. Any belief system in a culture that is accepted as factual or objective by many of its members, when in fact the belief system is constructed by influential members of that society is called ________________.
  69. Symptoms that are most specific to childhood bipolar disorder include:
  70. Regarding the chief sectors for mental health care, which one comprises the social welfare, criminal justice, educational, religious, and charitable services?
  71. The prevalence of the bipolar disorder is less among persons of Asian background.
  72. Monitoring blood levels is important for clients that take Lithium.
  73. Which of these is NOT a limitation of the DSM?
  74. Stressful life events may play an activating role in early episodes of bipolar disorder.
  75. The United States consumes the majority of the world’s production of stimulants.
  76. Rates of depression for women are twice that of men.
  77. ________refers to the familial structure and includes the size of the family, the number of parents in the home, and the spacing of children’s births.
  78. The etiology of bipolar disorder is primarily biological, although certain psychological and social stresses may contribute to the first episode of mania or depression.
  79. The textbooks mention the use of bio-psycho-social assessment, what other area of assessment should be discussed with the clients from the presentation information?
  80. Social workers need to always be cautious with making a diagnosis.
  81. Which of these influences affects depression?
  82. People always receive timely treatment for mental health disorders.
  83. Bipolar I disorders are highly recurrent, with 90% of persons having a manic episode developing future episodes.
  84. Antidepressant medications are not generally used for the treatment of bipolar I disorder, due to the medication being shown to induce mania in some clients.
  85. How can social policies have a positive effect on the income and employment of individuals?
  86. The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder do not usually appear until the child is 6-12 months of age.
  87. As a final part of the assessment, the social worker can help clients to orient toward the future and build a vision of a problem-free future.
  88. From a Christian perspective, how can you help a client with a mental health disorder?
  89. Symptoms of depression are common to many medical conditions and can be brought on by medications taken for physical disorders.
  90. Living in poor and disadvantaged communities can create more stress on an individual.
  91. A period of two weeks or longer during which a person experiences a depressed mood or loss of interest in nearly all life activities is called _________________.
  92. Good physical health is a protective mechanism for many disorders.
  93. Many clients attribute changes in their behavior to the effects of medication rather than being empowered to see the changes as a result of their efforts and qualities.
  94. The various disorders are cataloged and described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
  95. Genes determine the extent of internal risk for the development of disorders.
  96. Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder should include all the following,
  97. Women with bipolar disorder have a premature mortality rate.
  98. A neurological-development disorder with an onset during the first three years of life, and it demonstrates serious impairments in social interaction and communication, as well as odd repetitive behaviors and restricted interests _____________________.
  99. The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder do not usually appear until the child is:
  100. Some social factors involved with suicide attempts include:

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