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SOWK 431 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. What physical health problems could occur for a child born to an addicted mother?
  2. The antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic types are characterized by:
  3. What is Antabuse designed for?
  4. Personality is a difficult concept to define, and this makes it difficult to diagnose personality disorders.
  5. Approximately 40% of youth with Oppositional Defiant Disorder will later develop Conduct Disorder.
  6. An individual should never be diagnosed with two mental health disorders.
  7. Which of these would be a risk factor for substance use with an adolescent?
  8. More research is needed for the treatment of girls with ODD and CD.
  9. Up to 55% of inpatients with Borderline Personality Disorder have a history of suicide attempts.
  10. Borderline Personality Disorder is diagnosed predominately in men.
  11. Sue presented with symptoms of feeling down, hopeless, and low motivation. She said that these symptoms have been going on for six months. Sue denied any substance use. She said that she will often sleeps several hours a day and avoids leaving her home. Which diagnosis would Sue most likely have with her presenting symptoms?
  12. Joe presented with symptoms of using heroin. He said that he has been using heroin off and on for two years. Joe described that he uses it when he wants to forget his past attack that occurred at the mall. He said that he struggles with those memories and will dreams about being attacked again. Joe said that the use of heroin helps him to not think about the trauma. He avoids going out of his home and prefers to be alone. Which of these diagnoses would most likely meet the criteria with Joe’s presenting symptoms?
  13. Which of these techniques is part of cognitive-behavioral therapy?
  14. Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) are both categorized as:
  15. Which features are important in the assessment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?
  16. Which three types of medications are currently used in substance use treatment?
  17. Which psychosocial treatment for substance use disorders is a brief model (1-4 sessions) exploring and resolving the ambivalence people have about changing?
  18. What diagnosis is often seen with ODD and CD?
  19. For clients with depression and anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can address both psychiatric and substance use concerns.
  20. It is important to ask the client about their presenting problems when making an assessment.
  21. If a client relapses with substance abuse treatment, then they should no longer keep receiving treatment.
  22. Larry’s mom gets frustrated with her son’s alcohol use. However, she will go and purchase alcohol for him when he asks her to. Which of these would describe what Larry’s mom is doing?
  23. With the assessment of substance use disorder, it is important to assess for:
  24. A diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder should not be made when the symptoms are protective for a child, such as:
  25. Major life events do not contribute to substance use.
  26. Which of these are interventions for ODD/CD?
  27. Adolescents who access care for substance use concerns are often clients in other intervention systems, such as child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health.
  28. Which of these self-help groups can help with both alcohol and narcotic abuse?
  29. Childhood history of neglect, abuse, loss, or lack of validation, places youth at risk for developing Borderline Personality Disorder.
  30. Social workers need to be cautious about giving a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder to a child.
  31. When does substance use disorders usually begin?
  32. Among individuals with an alcohol use disorder, less than 10% have a drug disorder.
  33. The social worker must not take into consideration the client’s ethnic, cultural, and social background.
  34. The rate of substance abuse is similar among African Americans and Caucasians.
  35. About 50% of individuals with substance use disorder will have a co-occurring mental health disorder.
  36. What is the fourth most diagnosed group of disorders in the United States?
  37. Social workers often work with clients with substance-related problems, regardless of the agency setting.
  38. Which of these describes Multisystemic therapy (MST)?
  39. Children that drink alcohol before age 14 have an increased risk for substance use disorder as an adult.
  40. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) provides general criteria for substance-related disorders rather than separate criteria for each substance.
  41. Which self-help group focuses primarily on alcohol use?
  42. It is important to assess the client’s strengths.
  43. What does Acamprosate do for the treatment of substance use disorders?
  44. Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder are difficult to engage in an intervention process.
  45. Abstinence from substance use that lasts for two years is a protective influence.
  46. Sarah was seen by a social worker for problems with marijuana use. She said that she doesn’t use marijuana often, but will use it occasionally. Sarah did state that she drinks alcohol every day. She said that she has to drink alcohol to keep from being physically sick. Which diagnosis would Sarah most likely have with the presenting symptoms?
  47. When assessing Borderline Personality Disorder, it is important to ask the client about any changes in his/her personality.
  48. Substance use disorders are characterized as:
  49. Which of these are treatment intervention goals for adolescents with substance abuse?
  50. Which medication works on opioid receptors?
  51. Social workers should never screen both their clients and clients’ family members for alcohol and drug problems.
  52. Families can have a tremendous potential impact on the substance use problems of a family member.
  53. Which statement is true?
  54. Men tend to benefit more than women in treatment for alcohol use disorders.
  55. Women have a higher risk of having substance use disorders.
  56. In the above case with Lucy (#50), what should a social worker do first with this case?
  57. Which treatment modality can be useful for Personality Disorders?
  58. Which self-help group focuses primarily on narcotic abuse?
  59. What theories have been postulated to explain the high comorbidity between substance use and other mental disorders?
  60. The rate of substance abuse is highest among Native Americans and Alaska Natives.
  61. Which of these should be the priority for a social worker to assess with treatment?
  62. At the social level, peers that use substances place an individual at risk.
  63. Lucy presented with some problems with drinking alcohol every day. She said that it started three years ago when she started college. Lucy described feeling depressed for a year and often struggled with her mood. She said that the alcohol seemed to help, as long as she kept drinking. Lucy now said that she can’t go a day without drinking. Which of these diagnoses would most likely meet the criteria for the symptoms that Lucy presents with?
  64. Which treatment option could work the best with a client that has a substance use disorder  (severe) and is psychotic?
  65. Age bias among health care providers may present obstacles with assessment for substance use disorders in the elderly.
  66. What self-help groups are available for substance use?
  67. Tim had not been seen by a medical doctor for several years. He presented with symptoms of anxiety that started to occur at night, and he stated that his chest will sometimes hurt. What should the social worker recommend, before starting any treatment?
  68. Many females with substance abuse have a history of physical or sexual abuse.
  69. A positive mood is associated with substance abuse relapse in men.
  70. It is important to re-assess for comorbid disorders about three or four weeks after a person has stopped using substances.
  71. A social worker should not assess for other possible mental health disorders.
  72. Jim presented with symptoms of anxiety when around others. He said that he has struggled with anxiety and fear of being around people since he was a teenager. Jim started to use marijuana to try and cope with his anxiety. He now uses marijuana every day for the past year. Jim said that this has helped him to be around others. He denied any problems with his marijuana use. Which diagnosis would Jim most likely have?
  73. The assessment for substance use should include:
  74. Which personality disorder puts people at the greatest risk for unemployment?
  75. Which of these are risk factors for adolescent substance use?
  76. Providing treatment within a school or home setting should be considered for Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder.
  77. In AA self-help groups, there is a series of 15 steps to follow.
  78. Commonly available treatment settings include:
  79. Assessing for suicide risk should be done routinely by a social worker working in mental health.
  80. The assessment of substance use should include which of the following:
  81. Peer relationships can act as either a risk or protective mechanism for the onset of and recovery from conduct problems.
  82. Individuals that deny having a problem with substance use would benefit the most from which treatment:
  83. Which of these meets the criteria for a personality disorder?
  84. It is estimated that about 9.1% of the adult U.S. population has a personality disorder.
  85. Ongoing sexual abuse in childhood is a major predictor of the severity of borderline personality.
  86. Which of these is part of the behavioral training for family members with a client that has a substance use disorder?
  87. Social workers should not be concerned about using the diagnosis of personality disorders, because they appear to describe the total person.
  88. Interventions should be focused on which of the following:
  89. It is important to obtain information for an assessment of conduct disorders from the following:
  90. Social needs workers to be knowledgeable about the available resources in their community.
  91. Relapse often occurs with substance use disorders.
  92. Which of these are alternative self-help groups available to clients?
  93. Which intervention could be effective for a client with substance use disorder?
  94. Conduct Disorder is more common that Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  95. Some people who present for treatment for substance use are not will willing to change and maintain that they do not have a problem.
  96. Which of these would be a risk factor for substance use?
  97. People of low socioeconomic have limited access to affordable treatment for substance use.
  98. Which of these would be a medical problem related to drinking alcohol?
  99. Children born to addicted mothers are not at risk for health problems.
  100. Compliance with Antabuse for substance abuse is difficult and physicians may be reluctant to prescribe this.

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