Get Best SUBS 609 Exam 2


Get Best Liberty University SUBS 609 Exam 2

  1. Making love is a spiritual act that brings glory to God.
  2. To conquer the spirit of shame, believers must embrace their spirituality and be ashamed of their humanness.
  3. Slower arousal times among aging women are generally due to a lack of
  4. The act of sex expresses a couple’s
  5. Which sexual desire is described as a “hunger” for sexual connection?
  6. What was a practical guideline from the video for increasing pleasure during love-making?
  7. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: the wife in Song of Solomon brings excitement to the marriage by providing her husband with
  8. How can couples begin to solve disorders of desire?
  9. What is the primary male hormone?
  10. Although people are born sinners, they are free from guilt and condemnation through Jesus Christ.
  11. Conquering sexual sin cannot be done alone—it requires the accountability and help of others.
  12. Which of the following produces the male hormones?
  13. Which type of shame can be a “good” shame that leads to repentance?
  14. Growing older facilitates the personal confidence and acceptance that sex expresses.
  15. What is the average age at which most young women begin their menstrual cycle today?
  16. In the love-making model, which quadrant involves exploring what the couple’s relationship looks like “outside of the bedroom”?
  17. According to Dr. Hager, what is the best diet?
  18. The concept of the word “intercourse”
  19. The most critical factor for older couples to continue satisfying sexual activity is the condition of their relationship and not the condition of their hormones.
  20. How long after conception can a baby’s heartbeat or the pumping of blood first be detected?
  21. Which desire is most common for women?
  22. The conception of life occurs by definition when
  23. The Song of Solomon teaches couples to maximize sexual arousal and response by making use of all five senses.
  24. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: if someone experiences deep sexual attraction within a committed dating relationship, his/her motives are wrong, and he/she should break off the relationship.
  25. A woman’s sexual appetite is primarily driven by
  26. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: lifelong fidelity in marriage is primarily a commitment to (hint: this is how the book ends)
  27. Men have been given a biological ability to respond to and enjoy sex more than women.
  28. The best way to help others overcome sexual shame is to
  29. According to Willingham, using the double-edged sword of Scripture to attack shame involves which two components of the intervention?
  30. Guilt is an example of a ___________ block desire.
  31. A wife who responds to the assertive sexual desire of her husband out of “duty” would be better off not responding at all.
  32. According to McCluskey, sex is primarily a means of
  33. In a culture of open sexual promiscuity, Christians should separate themselves from the world by becoming more ashamed of their sexuality.
  34. What picture in Ecclesiastes serves as an illustration of the bonding that occurs between a couple and God during the spirit of the act of making love?
  35. Fatigue and stress are examples of a _________ block desire.
  36. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: avoiding premarital sex in a dating relationship increases security, desire, and passion within the relationship.
  37. Conflict and polarization in marriage may lead to a _________________ block desire.
  38. Where does the fertilization of the egg by the sperm first occur?
  39. Which type of shame did people inherit from Adam and Eve?
  40. Which type of shame is triggered by painful events?
  41. The primary goal in solving disorders of sexual desire is not to solve hormone difficulties, but to experience completeness as a person within the covenant of marriage.
  42. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: God designed sex to be a deeply sensual experience and sanctions the enjoyment of sex within the confines of marriage.
  43. Ninety percent of menopausal women experience major changes in their sex life.
  44. During the afterglow quadrant, McCluskey recommends that couples
  45. Which of the following is not a phase of the sexual response cycle by Masters and Johnson?
  46. One way to improve sexual function with age is to
  47. What type of love is sacrificial?
  48. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: the husband in Song of Solomon brings romance to the marriage by giving his wife
  49. Based on the teaching and interpretation of the Song of Solomon in this course: “destroying the foxes in the garden” of the dating relationship refers to
  50. Which type of shame is the hardest to heal?

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