Get Guided TRMA 810 Quiz 1


Get Guided TRMA 810 Quiz 1

  1. A traumatic childhood is most likely linked with a ______________ adult attachment style.
  2. An individual who shows no emotions in the course of post-traumatic life is suffering from
  3. A person who was kidnapped and abused for years, but who was able to cope emotionally upon escaping would most likely be classified as having undergone
  4. Which of the dissociative disorders below causes the greatest negative effect on everyday functioning?
  5. Which of the following was not listed as a dynamic of modern crisis intervention?
  6. The part of the brain that interprets whether or not sensory information is potentially harmful or not is the
  7. Taking self-harm away without _______ is a recipe for failure.
  8. Which of the following is not a function of the prefrontal cortex, as mentioned in the video?
  9. It would be ________ to state that all clients who engage in self-destructive behaviors have a history of trauma.
  10. The primary ingredient of ________ is the pattern of emotional communication between the child and caregiver.
  11. Children don’t question the messages that the form
  12. is leaving the body and be mespirituallypirituall y distant, absent, or gone.
  13. Which of the following is not tied to self-destructive body behaviors?
  14. Which of the following is a general symptom of post-traumatic stress that needs to be examined and possibly referred to a mental health professional?
  15. Do self-destructive behaviors manage to affect all but which of the following?
  16. The correlation among abuse, neglect and self-destructive behaviors has been _________ in the literature.
  17. In the crisis moment, the brain becomes disabled, and decision-making is handled by the
  18. Trauma Reactions are the way the mind and body tell a person that there is inside, according to Dr. Laaser.
  19. The 3 most common manifestations of eating disorders include all but
  20. A complex trauma survivor will often experience relationships as
  21. The addiction cycle begins with _
  22. According to Jennifer Cisney, is key to crisis intervention.
  23. Another type of flashback is
  24. A traumatized individual diagnosed with PTSD who must compulsively check repeatedly each night to make sure that their door is locked is most likely experiencing
  25. Self-destructive behaviors have been classified by Ross & McKay into

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