Get Guided TRMA 830 Quiz 2


Get Guided Liberty University TRMA 830 Quiz 2

TRMA 830 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. _____________________ is when survivors condemn themselves for living while others died.
  2. Most children under 2 ½ years of age cannot _____________ traumatic events, yet they are indelibly encoded in ____________.
  3. Judith Herman reminds clinicians that children often re-enact the scenes of the traumatic event through repetitive actions, and this compulsion is most visible with them through their ____________.
  4. There is some controversy about whether such events as receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer or finding out one is HIV positive is an example of a ___________ event.
  5. ____________________ uses all the senses in focusing and concentrating exclusively on the activity that one is involved in at the moment.
  6. The _______________ approach is different from the survey interview approach because it is conducted by an experienced clinician and it is semi-structured.
  7. ________________________ assessment can provide unique information on the extent of autonomic hyperarousal and startle responses in PTSD.
  8. van der Kolk found that ___________________, when administered at doses of 40mg or higher, was beneficial in civilian-related PTSD but not combat-related PTSD.
  9. ________________ interviewing is a technique by which information about a novel content area can be quickly and inexpensively obtained by observing participants interact with one another regarding a topic provided by the leader.
  10. The Impact of Events Scale-Revised was designed and validated using a specific time frame of the past ________ days.
  11. Community epidemiological studies typically involve ________________ conducted with probability samples of a specific population, aimed at estimating the prevalence and/or incidence rates.
  12. _______________________ consists of teaching coping skills that assist in anxiety reduction in trauma survivors’ everyday lives.
  13. Spiegal proposes eight “C” principles for psychotherapy of individuals experiencing acute traumatic-dissociative reactions.  Which choice is NOT one of the eight?
  14. Research consistently finds that ____________ are more likely to experience traumatic events, whereas _________ are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD.
  15. One of the most severe forms of responding to severe fear of overwhelming emotions is ______________.
  16. _______________ regulation can be defined as the ongoing process of an individual’s emotion patterns in response to moment-by-moment contextual demands.
  17. Confidence in self-reports is _________________ over time by having multiple assessments over time, each of which focuses on a discrete and more limited period.
  18. The assessment of _____________ symptomatology is scientifically more advanced than the assessment of stressor exposure in military and war settings.
  19. To date, _____________ controlled clinical trials have been reported of psychosocial or pharmacological interventions that directly target trauma-related dissociation.
  20. In the past decade, the experience of __________________ in the military has received considerable attention.
  21. The _________________ of PTSD assessment can be enhanced by collecting information from multiple informants and available archives.
  22. Using random digit dialing and internet-based methods, findings from four large-scale epidemiological studies were published in journals within 12 months of _______________.
  23. Ursano and colleagues examined the relationship between peritraumatic dissociation and PTSD in ______________ victims.
  24. With the advent of ______________, exposure to a traumatic event was defined both in terms of objective and subjective criteria.
  25. Assessment of exposure in community epidemiological studies of PTSD to date has typically relied on ________________ self-reports in the context of a survey interview.
  26. The construct of post-traumatic stress disorder was derived largely from the stress reactions of two specific populations.  Which item below is the correct answer?
  27. Avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma and numbing of general responsiveness is the essence of Criterion _______ of the DSM-5.
  28. Several good trauma exposure measures address gender issues.  Which choice is NOT one of those trauma measures mentioned in the reading?
  29. An important reality of studying the epidemiology of PTSD results from the general _______________ of many of the exposures of interest, that is, the fact that disasters and other large potentially traumatic events typically occur with little to no warning.
  30. Findings from a study of documented child sexual abuse victims demonstrate that _____________ are a potential problem.
  31. Independently replicated clinical and research findings point toward an important vulnerability role for _________________________ as a risk factor for subsequent PTSD.
  32. The ____________________ approach to case identification is based on the premise that people can reliably report their experience of specific psychiatric symptoms if the symptoms are described to them briefly in such as setting.
  33. A profound relationship has been reported for ______________ trauma and dissociative identity disorder (DID).
  34. A common method of avoiding extreme pain in traumatic circumstances is that of _______________________.
  35. Empirical studies have supported a strong relationship between trauma, dissociation, and ______________ disturbances.
  36. In a study of ________________ refugees, it reported a strong relationship between the amount of trauma the refugees had experienced and the severity of both traumatic stress symptoms and general dissociative tendencies.
  37. Of all the practices known to be associated with good health, _____________ is the most fundamental.
  38. A comprehensive assessment of military-related PTSD requires a thorough evaluation of PTSD symptoms and stressors within a broad-based evaluation of general _______________.
  39. Comprehensive PTSD assessment is best achieved through the use of ___________ reliable and valid instruments, as every measure is associated with some degree of error.
  40. In addition to being ____________, most studies of disasters and other potentially traumatic events (PTE) have “post-only” designs—that is, all assessments occur ______________ the fact of the PTE.

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