Buy Best UNIV 104 Quiz 4


Buy Best Liberty University UNIV 104 Quiz 4

UNIV 104 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. According to “Chapter 9: Academic Writing” in your textbook, why should writing be important to us?
  2. According to your textbook, what should you do to ensure that you have met the requirements of the writing assignment?
  3. According to your textbook, how do you determine your main topic for a writing assignment?
  4. According to your textbook, the rubric is defined as
  5. To create an organized and polished piece of writing, it is important to identify and use the essential stages of academic writing.
  6. The writing strategy, organization, involves dividing the main points of a topic into categories/concepts that can promote orderly thinking and assist in the process of completing more advanced projects and writing assignments.
  7. According to your textbook, you should be sure to write everything perfectly when writing a rough draft.
  8. According to “Chapter 9: Academic Writing” in your textbook, no idea is necessarily wrong in the brainstorming phase of writing because you can always eliminate irrelevant pieces of information after researching and acquiring useful resources.
  9. Match each writing strategy with its corresponding description.
  10. Match each writing strategy with its corresponding application.
  11. Match each step of the writing process with its corresponding description.
  12. What questions should you ask yourself when writing to solve problems?
  13. When editing your revised paper, which of the following errors should you fix?
  14. Which of the following may be content expectations found in a rubric?
  15. Which of the following may be formatting requirements found in a rubric?
  16. “Chapter 9: Academic Writing” suggests that you ask someone you trust to review your writing assignment before you submit it to make sure that you have not overlooked any necessary changes. Which of the following reviewers does your textbook suggest?
  17. Summarize the main points of “Chapter 9: Academic Writing” in your textbook, using no more or less than 25–30 words.

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