Tips For Online Classes

In the recent era where everything has advanced to a certain level, education has also converted its format from school classes to online classes and this is where tips for online classes are required. Every seven out of ten children attends online classes in 2020, especially during a pandemic. Let us first figure out basically what types of online classes are there.

tips for online classes

Types of online classes:

Formally, online classes may be of 2 types

Synchronous learning:

Synchronous learning is that in which a proper time is set for your online class involving live-streaming, live chatrooms for your participation, and a more dynamic learning experience. This provides you a proper timetable to follow.

Asynchronous learning:

Asynchronous learning involves assignments, projects, and homework that u can finish according to your availability within specifies deadlines. This provides you a more flexible timetable so that you have time for doing some other activities as well as if you are doing any part-time job or something that you are interested in.

As a freshly graduate or a student who just has passed his or her matric or high school you might be nervous about the new experience of taking online classes that is in need of the hour these days. Well, there is nothing as complex as rocket science. You just need to go through some simple tips and tricks and your online class journey will be super easy and super excited!

TIP #1 – Preparing yourself mentally:

The very initial that you need to take is doing your mental preparation for your new online journey. Of course, things will be different but they are not something you can’t bear. You may face some issues but in other cases, you may love it as well and you may intentionally prefer online classes over physically going to your school or university.

TIP #2 – Have an active internet connection:

Before you start anything you must have an active internet connection. You may have Wi-Fi in your houses or any other connection make sure it provides you fast service as you can’t wait if you have a live online lecture going on because a certain part of your lecture may be missed in this case.

Don’t panic when you get disconnected and try to optimize your internet. Try to get closer to the router in case if you are a Wi-Fi user.

TIP #3 – Create a proper studying environment:

You have mentally prepared yourself and now you have an active internet connection also, you need to make a study environment that suits you. You may set a study table, place your gadgets like headphones, laptops, and chargers, etc. that you need to attend an online class, in a separate room with some books and water bottles on it plus some snacks to kill your hunger and concentrate faster. You may place your pencil box and some rough journals to take notes while you are taking your online class.

TIP #4 – Get rid of distractions:

As we all know the internet is a distracting place providing you millions of chances to deviate from your online class and switch to any other social media platform. You may be attending your online class and participating in a debate in the comments section of a Facebook post about a certain hot issue. And before you know it, thirty minutes has just flown by and you’re wondering how you got to Facebook and what you’re watching! That makes it even more important that you’re proactive in preventing online distractions as you take your online class.

You can focus more by taking the following steps


  • Put your gadget on a silent mode
  • Close all the irrelevant tabs
  • Log out from your social media apps
  • Try out a free web browser extension, such as BlockSite, that allows you to temporarily block distracting websites (e.g. social media, video streaming, online gaming, etc.)

how to ace an online class

TIP #5 – Active Participation:

Participating actively in your online class is the savior of your whole online journey. Ask questions from your mentor, answer his queries and lastly, you may suggest something to your class as well. “Learning is a two-way process,” Kapp said. Your teacher can only guide you, he can build your concepts but you

Participating actively in your online class is the savior of your whole online journey. Ask questions from your mentor, answer his queries and lastly, you may suggest something to your class as well. “Learning is a two-way process,” Kapp said. Your teacher can only guide you, he can build your concepts but you have to learn yourself. So be agile and a proactive student. Before taking an online class you should be fully prepared for it!

TIP #6 – Take Notes:

While you are attending your online class don’t forget to take notes as well. You should have a rough journal with you and a pen to write all the necessary things that your instructor illustrates to you. Don’t rely on screenshots that you are thinking to take, because you are never going to open them again and they will just increase the size of your storage and nothing else. So, take notes

TIP #7 – Keep Yourself Hydrate:

Drink water while taking your online class as it will improve your focus level

TIP # 8 – Real Class:

Finally, take your online class as a real class only then you will succeed and improve your grades

Are You Ready?

After going through all the tips your nervousness will not be the same as it was before. Infect, online classes may be a solution to some of your problems as if you are a full-time job person or indulge in something else. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy your online journey with full devotion.





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